Current Mods Added To The Server

[PVE]Nakeds Wonderland PVE RUST SERVER


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Server is protected by Server Armour:
Server Armour

All Server Changes, maps and more will always be on Discord:
Join Discord

Server Specs:

3.8ghz cpu, 12 cores, 64GB RAM, 2GB Connection, DDOS Protected, Location: USA

The server is checked every 5 minutes if it is up. If it crashes it will restart automatically. It could take up to 20-25 minutes to restart.
You can check server status in the channel #server-status in Discord and it will post when the server is back up.

Daily restarts are scheduled at 6:00AM EST with a 15 minute in game warning before restarts.
/srestart status - Will respond with informational message if server is restarting or not (and the time left)

0. Vote and Get Rewards:

You can vote every 24 hours and you get daily rewards.
The vote link is:
Once you have voted and are in game do:
/claim -- Claims your rewards.
/rewardlist -- to see the rewards.
/vote -- Gives you the link in game.


Spawns 2 HARD raidable bases with loot. You must destroy the TC for the raid to end.

You should also get 25,000 money after destroying the TC.

IMPORTANT: Don't destroy TC until you are done looting the crates.

Destroying the TC will enable the base to destroy itself (15 minutes) so more can spawn. TC also drops loot.

It will show on the map the location. Also you can use:
/rb ---For time till next event, etc.

00. Rust+ APP

Get the RUST+ APP here:

0a. Kits:
Buy items with your in game coins. I'll be adding more later.

1. Clans, create a clan with a size of up to 8 people:
/clanhelp - Displays help

2. Backpack:
Tons of extra space to carry stuff. Open your inventory and then click on the backpack icon on your hot bar to open it.

2B. GUI Information (Off by default):

Displays if Bradly is active.
Displays your current $
Displays if Dangerous Treasures is active. You still can /dtd for next event time.

/mp --Help
/mp on
/mp off

3. No Decay:
Should be no decay. For now make sure to keep wood (for door), frags and HQ (if needed) in your TC until I get those no decay working.

4. Destroy anything within your owned TC:
Just use your hammer and while the hammer is out right the the object you want to detroy and hit the icon for it.
Also be warned if you add anyone to your group, clan etc and you auth them on your TC they can destroy anything they want to.

5. No vehicle decay, can't fly a mini without blowing up? No problem ! Make sure your mini(s) are near your TC so they don't decay.

6. Craft Recycler:

Cost (You will need this in your inventory to craft it):
scrap: 500
metal.fragments: 5000
metal.refined: 50
gears: 10

7. Sound FX - Cool down 25 seconds
/fx ricochet - Bullet ricochet.
/fx scream - Classic wounded scream
/fx explosion - Grenade exploding
/fx slurp - A slurping sound
/fx vomit - A vomit sound
/fx lick - A licking sound
/fx landmine - Exploding landmine
/fx fall - Fall damage effect
/fx howl - Wolf howling
/fx headshot - Head shot effect
/fx roger - Scientist radio "Roger That"
/fx takecover - Scientist radio "Take Cover"
/fx mandown - Scientist radio "Man Down"
/fx chatter - Scientist radio misc chatter

8. Added a tombstone when you die and it will trigger you died in chat. Tombstone despawns in 15 minutes. Only owner of that tombstone can destroy it.

9. Ranks (XPSTATS):
Prestige Ranks: once a player reaches max level they reset and start over with a new rank. there are 13 ranks predefined and you can change/add as many ranks as you want with name, sig(tag), and image.
Ranks are disabled by default. Can adjust rank xp boosts, stat/skill boosts, points each rank starts with, extra points earned each level within a rank, and more.
/xpstats - brings up user control panel

10. 5 Minute cool down on supply signals. It will notify you in chat when you can throw another one.

11. Hackable Lock will lock a hackable locked crate to the person who starts the hacking process for a configured amount of time.

Targeting Computer to hack a hackable crate:
This plugin allows you to require players to have a Targeting Computer in order to hack into a hackable crate.
Holding a laptop, looking at hack crate and press 'E'

12. Last wipe and next wipe date: /wipe

13. Auto Close Doors:
Chat Commands (by default they are on, can change how long they stay open for below or turn it off) NOTE: /ad and /ad commands must looking at a door when used.

/ad - Enable/Disable automatic door closing