[PVE]Nakeds Wonderland Server Rules


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Server Rules are more up to date if you click here and go to Google Docs.

These rules can be updated and changed at any time. It is up to you to stay up to date with them.

There is roleplay on this server but it is relaxed. Meaning it is not enforced. So if you don’t want to role play then don’t. But don’t ruin it for players who are role playing.

This is a PVE server. If you want to act like it’s PVP and Troll I suggest you go find another server. I don’t have the patience to deal with turds. You will be banned.

No cheating/exploiting. This server is protected by Server Armour. Server Armour

Exploiting is defined as 'Using or abusing a design flaw, configuration flaw, or error/bug for personal gain or achievement in a way that was obviously not intended to be possible.

Respect all players

New players all the way to veterans to staff/admins... everyone is equal on our server. Treat others with kindness. This server is meant to be a sanctuary from the toxic community of Rust. This includes purposely causing grief to or harassing other players Do not throw more than 4 supply signals at a time

The supply drop airplanes can cause lag issues for other players, we limit players to only throwing 1 at a time. There is a 5 minute cool down until you can throw another. It will let you know in chat when you can throw another.

No racial/homophobic/hate speech

This is an instant and permanent ban through an automated script. No questions asked Do not block off access to map locations

This includes anything built into the map, custom or vanilla, including but not limited to monuments, mini-monuments, cave entrances, tunnels, etc. Do not build/deploy on roads, rivers, or railroad tracks

No damaging others structures with patrol heli aggro

Do not engage the heli, or hide from the heli, near someone else's structure. Admins invisibly watch heli fights frequently, someone found to be purposely causing damage to another base is in violation of this rule.

Do not build/deploy onto someone else's base

You cannot use anything to keep yourself from being counted as 'idle' such as scripts, macros, or any other means. You are more than welcome to go AFK, but trying to fool our playtime trackers into thinking you are active is bannable.

Do not destroy any twig currently being worked on

If someone is "home" then you are not to destroy any twig on their base

Do not kill anyone.

No raiding other players bases No killing players No looting other players bags, etc.

This includes but is not limited to, purposely crashing on them with a copter, trying to push them under the map, etc.

Do not paint/wallpaper your base with rugs

Decorating is fine but we forbid the use of rugs spammed all over a base to carpet, paint, or completely cover large areas in any other way. This causes client lag for other players.

Do not block off large areas

**No TC spamming on the map to claim large areas of land**

Players are welcome to make compounds but keep it within reason. The size of the base is not the concern as much as the size of the empty land you are 'claiming'. Exploiting TC auth to fight heli is bannable

Abusing TC authorization (not being authorized and fighting the heli from that base) to avoid base damage is a pure exploit and a ban on the first offense. No political or religious discussions in any chat

Do not steal from other players

This means if you did not earn it, you do not loot it. NPCs, crates, etc. If someone else is already there do not rush in and try to loot things they are already fighting for.

Do not use Chinook to bypass defenses

In PVE, you are not to use personal Chinook to bypass SAMs, turrets, or other defenses a minicopter could not get by.

No despawning loot

Do not dump large amounts of items from your chests on the ground for any reasons in PVE.